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V-COOL - Mommy Cooler Back Pack with 2 Organiser Bags Insert
- for storage of milk bottle, can drinks etc,
- also suitable for outing, travelling, picnic etc,
- not just for mom and baby, but also everybody!
V-Cool Fashion Cooler Backpack is a nice looking cooler bag that has only one compartment, comes with 2 organiser bag inserts.
You can place up to 20 units of 5oz bottles together with 4-5 Ice packs that can keep your breast milk cool for 6-12 hours depends on the ice packs.
Besides, V-Cool Fashion Cooler Backpack is made of high quality materials. It is using high quality cotton for inner layer, thick insulation (8mm) with good quality to further reduce chill from escaping and prevent heating effect from outside environment.
There are total of 4 zip pockets for mother to place hand phone, purse, keys and other belongings. So, mother can easily bring all items together in one elegant backpack. Besides, it is designed with 2-way zip fastener, and can be wide open.
Measurement: 30cm (W) x 41cm (H) x 18cm (D)
Carry Mode: Backpack
Note: Breast pump, adapter, photo and bottles are not included in this bag. It is only for display purpose

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